Oneflow is a contract automation platform where smart contracts feel like magic.

From friction to flow is the core organising thought that positions Oneflow as the brand that helps move businesses from a world of legacy systems, frustration and distraction, to one full of focus, energy, freedom and control.

I worked as part of the brand team from initial research and discovery, through strategy, design concepts and development, to final delivery. I presented to the client weekly, and was a key point of contact for both them and our website developers.

Grid of cards showing overview of visual identity in the Oneflow project
A subway billboard showing a Oneflow advertisement which is a woman sitting in a chair surrounded by rabbits
Man effortlessly returning multiple ping pong balls whilst signing contracts using Oneflow on his phoneWhite rabbit in a pink environment
Woman performing three hula hoops whilst standing on a table whilst signing contracts using Oneflow on her phoneHand holding up a choux bun on a plate
An open elevator with the words O2 and Open sesame on the walls next to it
An open pack of playing cards where the content of the cards relates to the Oneflow brand
Oneflow branded stationeryThe Oneflow magic data sparkles on the glass part of a see-through door
A grid of images showing different pages of the Oneflow guidelineIdentity overview of the Oneflow brand showing elements such as logos, colour palette and typographyThe 2023 Transform: Gold trophy, awarded for the Oneflow project