Kotex: The Pack

The 4 girls who are the characters of Kotex: The Pack embracing each other


The Pack, by Kotex, was designed to revolutionise menstrual health education in South Africa.

Starting with the design idea ’New Realities’, The Pack transforms menstrual education into an engaging, empowering experience. It fosters a sense of community and unity among students, representing all voices.

The brand name itself is both metaphorical and literal. It represents not only the relatable characters – Kiara, Thembeka, Amy, and Mia – who guide girls through their journey, but also the physical kit which equips girls with their first menstrual items. This reusable tin is designed to be sustainable and durable.

A grid of images showing the 4 Kotex: The Pack characters as well as 4 product tinsAn open product tin of Kotex: The Pack on top of a pile of magazinesThe instructional leaflet that comes inside Kotex: The PackA phone showing the Kotex: The Pack website landing page, on a bed next to some hairbrushes
A girl looking at her phone surrounded by floating emojis from Kotex: The Pack
A keychain and a phone case with Kotex: The Pack branded stickers on the back of itThe Kotex: The Pack poster on a toilet door